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Squareplug SP400 Low Profile Flat TS (up to 4.5mm OD)

$ 125.00 $ 134.50
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SquarePlug™ SP400 is the smallest 1/4" soldered connector on the market. It is 20% smaller than the Switchcraft 228 and projects by only 8.3mm which is much less than any currently available soldered and solder-less connectors.
What makes SP400 stands out though, is its ability  [thanks to a super compact design] to be patched into adjacent and closely–spaced socket configurations [like the ones found on floor and rack based switching systems] where no other right angled soldered plug can.
With SquarePlug you get the performance and reliability of a soldered connector with virtually the same footprint of a solderless one!
- Ultra–low–profile connector [measures only 8.3mm  (0.326") Deep x 17mm (0.67") Wide x 28mm (1.10") Tall] for highest packing density
- Serviceable, all–metal plug designed to snug–fit smaller diameter cables (4 to 4.5mm) for optimum strain relief and improved emi protection
- 2 solder tabs for quick and easy soldering/desoldering
- Insulation sheet to prevent hot and ground signals from shorting

Opiniones de Clientes

Excelente producto y vendedor muy confiable. Esta es mi segunda compra y estoy muy satisfecho con el servicio.

Son un producto maravilloso de una calidad excelente para el rando de precio en el que se encuetran y la atencion de la tienda es excelente. No hay que pensarlo mucho si buscas monitoreo de calidad a un buen precio son tu mejor opción.

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