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Fulltone Más Malo Distortion/Fuzz Pedal

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With a tone that can swing from ruthless to a full and smooth lead tone, the Fulltone Mas Malo (More Bad) definitely lives up to its name. Whether you're practicing in your bedroom or pushing live amps onstage, the Mas Malo's three New Old Stock (NOS) BC184C discrete transistors respond with the sweet sustain, touch sensitivity, and harmonic warmth of a great vintage fuzz. But with its controls for H(eat) and D(istortion), you can effortlessly nail old-school distorted tones as well. No matter what shade of old-school grit you need, grab a Fulltone Mas Malo from Sweetwater and you're sure to find it.

Built by Fulltone means it's built to last

Fulltone pedals have earned the trust of guitar greats like Eric Johnson, Robin Trower, Steve Hunter, and many more. Working pros don't use pedals they can't rely on, and Fulltone pedals have earned their trust. Constructed with only the finest components, not only will you love the sound of the Fulltone Mas Malo, but you'll also love how reliable it is as part of your rig. And its hi-Z input and lo-Z output help the Mas Malo work beautifully with buffered signals.

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