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70's Leather Insert (Par)

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Genuine USA Grade Leather 70's Insert for use with Snareweight. The 70's is our most effective way of eliminating ALL the top head overtone ring. The 70's insert can be used as a pair for the most dampening or individual left or right for less. Remember too, if the ring is still present in the drum, try moving it around the hoop... you have a 99% chance of knocking it out. The other nice thing about the 70's insert is that it acts like a gate, opens and closes a bit depending upon the strength of your stick attack- so there is not the squashed feeling with harder hits getting you hard hitting drummers tired. We call this "Expressive Dampening"...letting the characteristics of your drum open up when hit harder and "held" close, with more sensitive playing. It also helps the shell to be heard by being flexible in the right way.

If you are looking for that snare drum sound that is real and present without killing the high end, this one is for you!


The logo side of the leathers' surface is harder and slightly less absorptive, so turning the 70's insert upside down (logo side against the head) will add a bit more brightness. For recording, the less the engineer has to eq. the top end of your snare usually the better. Also the less dampening to knock out the bad stuff the better.

Tip #2

I've seen a 70's point in toward the middle of the drum!! crazy but yeah it can dampen in a totally different way and of course not break if you hit it :)

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Excelente producto y vendedor muy confiable. Esta es mi segunda compra y estoy muy satisfecho con el servicio.

Son un producto maravilloso de una calidad excelente para el rando de precio en el que se encuetran y la atencion de la tienda es excelente. No hay que pensarlo mucho si buscas monitoreo de calidad a un buen precio son tu mejor opción.

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