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Descripción del producto

Little Booty Shakers are applied to a snare drum stand (used with a snare or small tom), with the same principles as our Original Booty Shakers:

Isolate the drum so that it creates the best sound possible.
Make the product fit on any brand.
Make it simple to apply; no tools or modifications to your drums.
Make it durable to last.
Make it super affordable even though it’s a pro-level product.
Our customers agree that Little Booty Shakers:

Improve the volume and projection of any snare drum or rack tom
Prevent premature sound decay created by your drums contact with the stand
No choke! Eliminate ugly mid range build up and allow even order harmonics
Create better stick rebound and feel from your snare drum or rack tom by absorbing the shock between your drum and its stand
Increase the low end response and resonance from your rack tom or snare

Little Booty Shakers Snare Drum & Tom Isolation Mounts

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